Dani + Hector

Dani and Hector are seriously the coolest couple I know. They love traveling around Arizona with their three dogs and try to see as much as possible. In their travels they have become the explorers of forgotten places. Rediscovering places long thought forgotten. I have made them promise I can come along on one of their next adventures to capture something really spectacular. For this shoot though, they made amazing models and helped me make a little hocus pocus for Halloween. It all started when I came across this secondhand star sequin dress in a local shop and thought it would be the perfect dress for a witch.

So to create these magical images I threw in a little dead man's toe, some eye of newt, and some modern photoshop magic. I imagined a witch deeply in love with her mortal lover but also has a deep love for her witchy roots. Like all modern women struggling to find the balance, meaning and happiness in this messy thing called life.

Your can scroll down to the end for a BTS!

Behind the Scenes

To create the illusion of Dani flying on her broom, I posed her on a tall stool and then I edited out the stool in photoshop. Abracadabra! That's how I made this super fun and simple image of a witch flying across the moon!