Anne + Jerry

Anne and Jerry are one of the rare couples that strike this perfect balance of being lots of fun. Always willing to throw a party but also incredibly grounded in the sense that they are also a couple you can call if you're ever in need. Like for many others, 2020 was not a kind year to them. Jerry's father battled many years but had finally succumbed to his illness. So when they booked a session with me, they told me they had something special in mind to honor Jerry's late father. We will get to that later....

We started this fun 70's inspired shoot in the middle of a cholla forest in North Phoenix. Anne wore the Mary Jane dress in the print Shrooms by Realisation Par. The cholla were so beautiful and the cactus spines perfectly captured the light and made them glow.

Being a vintage car enthusiast, Jerry's father had completely restored a gorgeous 1976 Chevrolet Caprice. Anne and Jerry had the amazing idea to include his father's vintage car in the shoot as a way to honor that legacy. This love of cars was passed on to Jerry and he was careful to dust the car several times during the shoot. Anne of course looked stunning in her second look. A dress by Realisation Par, the 1996 in the print Zodiac. We had so much fun taking these pictures and I don't think there was an inch on this car that was not captured. I loved that I got to be so creative with this shoot and got to help honor the memory of Jerry's father.