Asha + David

Sunset Point in Black Canyon city is one of the most beautiful hidden gems in Arizona! It's hard to believe that these golden grasses and panoramic views are literally a rest stop on your way up to Flagstaff! For Asha and David's magical moon engagement session I couldn't think of a more gorgeous backdrop. We decided to take full advantage of Arizona's colorful sunsets and take their photos during the golden hour. Their outfits were absolutely killer. Asha was so glamorous in her black lace dress and really sparkled with her rhinestone encrusted head piece. David and Asha have not been together long but they had such a chemistry and were so sweet together. They had fun laying in the tall grass and enjoying the mountain views. As the last of the days sun set we stumbled across a long abandoned stretch of road. Asha and Davin ran, played and kissed under the cotton candy sky..