Cue the wild freakin horses!!!! 

I took the Orozco family to the Coon Bluff Campground, it is nestled along the beautiful Salt River. This location is one of my favorites because you don't have to travel far to be among the lush trees, the gorgeous river and if you're super lucky, wild horses! Let me tell you I have had many, many sessions along the Salt River but this is the fist time my clients and the horses were there at the same time! It was seriously magical!

The Orozco's were so excited about the horses, especially their sweet little girl that decided she wanted her own pony some day. Family sessions like this are seriously the best. Photographing families that are relaxed and just enjoying each others company. Once we get the important shots out of the way, you know, the ones for the gradparents with everyone looking at the camera. We can relax a little bit. My favorite images are when we allow children to naturally explore and get into something he or she wants to do. When we let the child lead the way, they will naturally be motivated to interact and play, and this helps to bring out natural expressions from children as well. So lets book your nest session and capture your family authentically!!