For their engagement shoot in Downtown Phoenix Rachelle and Danielle knew exactly what they wanted to bring their vision to life. They are deeply drawn to industrial or modern aesthetic so we decided we would end our shoot at the top of a Phoenix parking garage. The lines and the windows of the surrounding buildings were the perfect back drop to incorporate their love of the contemporary. But first we headed to the historic Heritage Square located on Block 14 of the original townsite of Phoenix dating back to the late 1800's. The gem of the square is charming Victorian home that had been converted to the Rosson House Museum. It is surrounded by adorable little restaurants and shops that is a reminder of the city’s vibrant Victorian past.

I was so excited when Rachelle and Danielle said they wanted to jump on this trend. I have been seeing engagement shoots on top of parking garages with the beautiful city buildings as a modern backdrop. I was dying to put my own spin on this fun shoot. Phoenix isn't particularly know for its city scape but I was still able to find, I think, the perfect spot to feature our beautiful city and this gorgeous couple!