As a fellow parent I totally understand the struggle to wear multiple hats. We are constantly doing something, whether it's working, making sure you're raising good humans, keeping the home somewhat tidy. But the biggest struggle? Having enough time. I get it. There is not enough time in the day to do it all. However, once a year I implore you to make time to capture your child's "now". If you're in the thick of toddlerhood, or if your kiddo hates smiling, if teddy is glued to your kid's hip, or you're just blissfully happy. Just embrace it. What better way to capture your child just as they are than a photo session that you can customize them and their current interests? Your babies are going to grow fast and I can promise you that no has ever said "I wish I had less photos of my kids".

That's why I love sessions just like Dallas's. I took Dallas and her mom to DC Ranch Marketplace and we were able to capture these beautiful and carefree images. During the shoot I learned that Dallas loves butterflies (see the adorable butterfly dress) and pizza. A girl after my own heart. We talked about princesses, we got to play Simon says, ran, jumped and played. At the end of this sweet girl's shoot she looked up to her mom and said "That was fun!". As important as I think it is to take pictures of your kids, I think it's just as important for it to be a good experience. I want my sessions to be fun. I want to capture your children authentically and create memories you will cherish long after your little babies have left the nest.